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You need robust, scalable and well-engineered systems. Sometimes it’s important to cut corners to give you a quick prototype or initial delivery. We have the judgement to help you identify when you need each, and the expertise to move within this range.

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Code, a software project, and a product are all different things: we know how to walk these roads with you.

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Application development and Machine Learning are different things: we know how to deal with them both separately and together.

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We care about your budget & milestones: the health of your company is the health of our long-term relationship.

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“When you come up with Xapo, the largest and safest Bitcoin Bank in the world, you know you’re not going to make it without having a fluent and safe approach towards your data. You also know that being Bitcoin, you'll have to start creating from scratch. We generated tools along with Xapo so departments that were multiplying day by day could make decisions, be alert and predict an uncertain future. From the ingestion of multiple data sources to small fun challenges like loading a growing Blockchain into a PostgreSQL database.”

Bitcoin / Blockchain / Data Processing

“When Brody and Brock realised that DivvyHQ could be more than just one of the players and become the next leader in the Content Marketing Industry, they called us. As many other start-ups, they were on an early stage; so we teamed up and worked on a webapp rebuild through the whole roadmap that has driven them to be the main content scheduler of large companies around the world."

Content Marketing / App Development

“When your business brings in millions of social media pictures to a small team of people to choose an even smaller number of photos like Olapic did, any extra help that reduces the manual work is key. Today, Olapic is a leader in a segment they created and, in the process, our Machine Learning tools were essential for their moderation queue. Back in the day, it was a challenge and we still remember their first steps in the industry with a smile on our faces."

Visual Marketing / Machine Learning

A team created to support the growing complexity of diverse organisations who need someone (read: us) who can understand the value of their business and help them grow.

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33 talks in Python / Django / Data Science Events during 2016.
10+ barbecues/month.
We've made our own beer and sausages.
459: Number of times we've explained we're not building Skynet this year.
We have a vegetable garden.
0.95: The current Django release when some of us started building projects on it.
14.3: Number of times around the world it would take for you to cover the kilometres travelled by our team to meet clients in the past 3 months.
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“When you start on the path to disrupt the aerospace industry like Satellogic did, being able to put a satellite constellation in space, you know that the main challenge is to develop products that will revolutionise the way of using this data. Of course those actions, such as developing a product able to apply Deep Learning to satellite images and other challenges, aren’t meant to be taken lightly, so we happily accepted the challenge."

Aerospace Industry / Product Design & Development

“When your e-commerce site scales to millions of users, they generate millions of opportunities to make profit. Mercado Libre, with more than 140 million active users in LATAM, knows that and our role is to go along with them in these challenges: from automatic translations to packaging and logistic issues and much more. Our Machine Learning tools help these 140 million users and Mercado Libre to keep on growing."

Retail e-commerce / Machine Learning

“Automating a manufacturing plant’s operations, through resource planning and scheduling and integrated management of all the stakeholders, seemed just like a dream for Chrome Plus International’s owners. Looking in retrospective after having been acquired by the Valence Group and having received awards and recognitions for their system, the challenge looks easy. But we went all the way, side by side with the company from scratch, trusting its potential, and we led the execution knowing that we could proudly share a path that had as a result the deployment of a dream come true in the other plants of the group, today leader in the industry."

Aircraft Industry / Product Development

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