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Decision making in your position requires a better reason than a tag that says "it has Machine Learning"

Machine Learning is not the answer. It is the question. We run lean experiments to discover the full potential of Machine Learning for your users and your business.

Validating a Machine Learning value proposition takes more dimensions than algorithms and data. We analyze user behaviors, market opportunities and monetization alternatives. Our holistic approach is designed to test a Machine Learning concept within a complex system, reducing implementation risks and development costs.

VPD is a high-end service designed to efficiently reduce uncertainty about Machine Learning projects. Using a lean experimentation process, we start with a minimum set of assumptions and work through the formulation of hypothesis (technical, usage and business related), experiment design and execution, and the generation of insights that feed directly into decision-making.

VPD uses state of the art tools and techniques, and the right level of sophistication to assess the potential of Machine Learning solutions in every situation. Your data. Your context. Your business model. 

Would you like to know more about how companies are approaching Machine Learning innovation strategies? Answering this survey will get you access to the final report. We are only contacting people in decision-making roles mostly in E-commerce/Retail and Fintech verticals. Please take a few moments and get a first hand benchmark that is only going to be distributed among participants.

“I know AI can do a better job than humans in currency trading. But how will the internal team be impacted by the new flow of decisions and interactions? Would the cost/benefit still be positive? “  -- Top Bitcoin Bank CEO 

“It is very clear for us this is the right moment to add Machine Learning to our product. I just don't know where the low hanging fruit is, those ideas that would help us raise funds in our next shareholder meeting”  --Marketing Platform Founder / VP Product 

“We would like more certainty on the actual benefits of using Machine Learning on prediction of shipping costs and handling times so we know if we could seduce sellers to change the main interaction with the platform."  -- Nasdaq 100 Ecommerce Platform Software Development Manager 

Our goal is to help you take better decisions in critical Machine Learning projects. Value Proposition Design goes beyond building a prototype or MVP and testing it with users. 

Including business and user experience dimensions, our experiments are designed to gather valuable information which may even lead to the conclusion that the project is not viable.

Our commitment is to questions, even if the answer is not what we imagined in the first place.

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